Alopecia Gallery



Founded in 1996, Alopecia Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, located in a hole on the beard of Gordon B. Isnor's face.

The Alopecia Gallery was opened in 1996 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our first show was by Dollface comics creator Amy Baker, followed by work from Sany Plotnikoff and Michael Fernandes.

The gallery went into remission that year after a show by Darrin Heaton and remained inactive until 2005, when exhibitions resumed with an exhibit by Paige Gratland as a result of interest generated by a project undertaken by Hannah Jickling project in conjunction with OR Gallery documenting mobile gallery spaces.

The gallery took part in the World Portable Gallery Convention at Eye Level Gallery in 2012 with an exhibition by Duke & Battersby. An event at WWTWO as part of the Eye Level exhibition.


  • Exhibition space measures 1.5 x 2 inches
  • Work may protrude & dangle
  • Artwork must be self-adhesive (past ideas have included clips, stickers, bandaids and butter)
  • We ask that any written support material - artist statements, etc be sent via email or on CD-R in submission package